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If I plan a trip to Miami, which Hotel Loyalty Club Membership will I use? Like every other traveler, I have Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and a few others available, yes even Trump Hotels. Each hotel brand’s primary benefits and rates are so similar that it’s difficult to find differences other than the location, the special rate (if any), and past service experiences.

Is there a true long-term allegiance to any Hotel Brand and their FREE Loyalty Clubs? My answer is an emphatic “NO.”

Hotel brands live in a fantasy world, thinking that their monthly email bombardment of specials has an exclusive effect on the Member’s buying decision. Without a “one-stop and shop” vehicle, the average American traveler will determine their destination and then look to all their Hotel Loyalty Memberships and the online travel agencies such as Priceline and Expedia. Even then, they question if they made the right decision.

What is the alternative? I suggest that these Hotel brands learn from their counterparts in Mexico and the Caribbean who have replaced “Free” Loyalty Clubs with a “Pay For” Loyalty Program. Their success has been quite evident over the years, especially during the pandemic with increased occupancies from Members and their referrals, not the traditional hotel guests. Moreover, Club sales consistently add a substantial increase of up to 50% to the Hotelier’s annual profits. Yes, true allegiance from their members was attained by accepting one fundamental fact, “Long-term Loyalty to a Hotel Brand is directly proportionate to the Member’s investment in the Club.” If the Member invests nothing, the Member’s long-term allegiance to the Club is zero. Invest $10,000 USD, and your allegiance to your Club is for the term of their membership.

Yes, this sounds easier said than done. But after over forty years in the Travel Industry in the USA, Mexico, and Caribbean, you acquire a unique perspective of what is possible and what is not.

Can USA-based hotels duplicate the success of their” South of the Border” counterparts? The answer is an emphatic “YES”!

With the available technology for marketing and sales combined with a global, year-around “best price, one-stop and shop platform,” the USA-based hotels would experience far greater success than their counterparts.

Would they use the same “Timesharistic” methods of marketing and sales? The answer is an emphatic “NO”!

Leave the antiquated Timeshare marketing and sales strategies in Mexico and the Caribbean. They are abusive and create long-term adverse Social Media effects for both the Club and Hotel.

This Next-Generation Loyalty Club offers a year-round Product for Members and meets the Membership term limitations established by US Law. Moreover, the sales and marketing strategies use the available Service-Oriented technology with a pro-active Social Media formula to create positive rather than negative postings.

What more could a Hotelier want than a positive Social Media presence, combined with an ever-growing loyalty member base and upwards of 50% additional annual profits?

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