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Unfortunately, the large majority of Clubs will answer this question that “SOCIAL MEDIA IS A NEMESIS.” Daily, they deal with negative posts by people deemed unreasonable clients or members who don’t understand their purchased membership. With this claim comes a total disregard of the misrepresentations (lies) and harassing tactics of their sales and marketing teams. What’s worse is when Member Service policies (tactics) also put the shortsighted “DOLLAR ahead of the long-term impact of Social Media.” The response to a simple request for money back is a corporate imposed policy of never ending hoops the new member must jump through, with the hope the member will tire and go away. At times it does work, but at what Social Media expense.

This author contends that with every “touchpoint” of a client or member, there exists an opportunity to enhance the Club’s reputation on Social Media and subsequently add to the Club’s net profits. Whether during the marketing phase, sales phase, member services phase, or when they make a reservation to return, there are always multiple opportunities to enhance your positive Social Media presence. Implementing a pro-active Social Media Culture that starts from the top down will result in a team that strives to increase the touch points rather than avoid the basic ones presented. Through preparation, training, and the use of available software, the positive Internet presence of the Club will continue to multiply. All it takes is a Club Culture that implements corporate policies that cherish these “touch points” and rewards the departmental teams for successfully satisfying the member or guests. By embracing this corporate-wide change, the Club and Hotel will enhance their positive internet presence with the residual benefit of increasing net profits.

Unfortunately, these opportunities are drowned out by overly aggressive marketing and sales representatives, claiming, “This is not my job. You hired me to book/sell clients, not appease clients or service clients.” These are the shortsighted words of far too many people in our Industry who continue to use traditional Timeshare marketing and sales methods of the 80s and 90s. These same stalwarts of old-time methods are plaguing the Club’s Internet Reputation and our Industry’s.

Rather than take a step back and evaluate the missed opportunities, Developers prefer to rebrand their timeshare rather than redesign their Marketing and Sales methods. Developers love to believe the sales pitch, “We are not a Timeshare. We are a Vacation Club”. Or, “We are not a Timeshare or Vacation Club, but a Travel Club or Loyalty Club.” A rose smells the same by any name, especially the Timeshare Rose.” Until the Developer takes a stand and implements the change in Marketing and Sales Methods, Social Media will continue to be a Nemesis to their growth and online presence.


The Don Eastvold Team specializes in Club Development and Club Reorganization utilizing its Next Generation expertise and the application of a Pro-active Social Media Culture. We will assist you in making Social Media an Asset rather than a Nemesis. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact the author at

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