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As a follow-up to my last article – “Social Media – Asset or Nemesis?” – many developers fail to consider the unquantifiable revenue that is lost as a result of the Club’s Negative Social Media presence.

During a normal vacation cycle, there are five “Client Touchpoints” where a simple Google Search will determine the client’s actions.

    1. Hotel Reservation – What will a Google Search say when a client looks for a hotel? Even if the hotel’s reputation is great, a post of “Stay away from the Timeshare Sales People”, can make the client look elsewhere. Unquantifiable Lost Revenue for the Hotel.
    2. Club Appointments – How many Google Searches generate hotel guests with a pre-arrival phobia of the Concierge Desk or Guest Services Desk – warned that they are really Club Representatives. Unquantifiable Lost Revenue for the Club.
    3. Canceled Club Appointments – Once booked for the Club Presentation, how many Google Searches generate a canceled booking? Unquantifiable Lost Revenue for the Club.
    4. Lost Membership Sales – How many clients have said “No Thank You” after doing a Google Search of the Club when considering a membership purchase? Unquantifiable Lost Revenue for the Club.
    5. Canceled Membership Sales – How many New Members decide to cancel their purchase after doing a Google Search of the Club? Unquantifiable Lost Revenue for the Club.

These are only five of the Client Touchpoints that determine the “Unquantifiable Lost Revenue” during a normal Vacation Cycle. Not included are “future lost revenues”, determined by the large majority of hotel guests that did not attend the Club Presentation or did not buy a membership. What actions will they take if harassed by Club Marketing or the Non-buyers that were high-pressured by Club Sales? Upon departure how many of them will contribute to the negative internet presence of the hotel and club, or refuse to return? Also, “Word of Mouth” can still play a damaging role with family and friends.

Simple Solution. Implement Zaffre’s Positive Social Media Culture within your hotel and club operations. Special training, new policies, and unique software will transform your nonquantifiable lost revenue into unimaginable increased profits. Rather than avoiding Social Media, your Club Team will openly use Google Search to book clients, sell memberships and confirm New Buyers.

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