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Imagine if your Hotel and Club were given a fresh start, a “do-over” that you dreamed of but never thought possible. Imagine if laid before you on a silver platter was the offering to start from scratch, but allowed to use the cumulative knowledge of all your past indiscretions, mistakes combined with the positive aspects of your Club. Imagine what you could have done and would have done with your Hotel and Club if permitted to take a different path. There is not one Hotel or Club that has never experienced the “if only” syndrome. There isn’t one Hotel or Club where the Owner has not imagined how things would have changed, “if only” they hadn’t taken the wrong path with the poorly chosen management team or used the more than dubious add-on products. Imagine the opportunity to make a brand new first impression with your customers, Members, with the World. “If only…..”

The Travel Industry no longer has to imagine. Your opportunity for a fresh start is now a reality. Coronavirus COVID-19 is providing every Hotel and Club a one-time chance to learn from the past and apply it to their future. When the World reopens its doors, will you present your Hotel and Club precisely as they were before the Pandemic, or will you introduce your Product and services with significant changes, a rebranding that you had always wished for “if only”? Like a mother punishing a child, we are all taking a forced “time out” to sit in the corner to ponder what we should have done better and what we can do the moment the COVID-19 Pandemic has ended. It’s a fresh new start, so don’t squander the opportunity.

So as we all sit in quarantine, watching our favorite movies, playing games on the Internet, or chatting over Social Media also take time to review all of the negative and positive postings on the Internet about your Hotel and Club. Step-out of from behind the Denial Curtain and face your challenges head-on. Listen to the suggestions of your Members, Clients, managers, and employees. This is the perfect time to reflect, absorb new ideas, and make changes to obsolete strategies and company policies. Discard dubious add-on products, rid yourself of the “heat merchants” and overly aggressive OPC solicitation; plan the implementation of your “Rebranding” once the Pandemic has ended. Don’t chalk up the 10% negative comments on Social Media to “The Norm” or that “You can’t satisfy everyone!” If the Owner believes this, it becomes the Culture of the business and everyone working for the Hotel and Club.

Don’t leave it to your imagination. Make it a reality!
Special Note to Developers: Anyone that says this is not possible without diminishing your bottom line is part of the old-fashioned group of heat merchants that refuse to change with the new World of Social Media. They know no other way to market and sell club memberships other than by using antiquated, overly aggressive “Timesharistic” methods.
Welcome to the Brave New World of Social Media!

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