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“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Whether you name your Club a Vacation Club, Loyalty Club, Discount Club, or Travel Club, if you continue to use the old-fashioned “Timeshareistic” marketing and sales strategies, you are a Timeshare. If you continue to use the fraudulent add-on products that do not meet the legal scrutiny of the USA and Canada, you are a “Timeshare.” In the end, this Rose, by any name, has a smell of consumer deceit and decay.

The European Union and the Province of Quebec bundled all of these products “by any name” and made them illegal. Unfortunately, such governmental actions are forced upon us because “we as an industry” could not self-regulate ourselves by providing a legitimate product using truthful service-oriented marketing and ethical sales strategies. The vast majority of “CLUBS” continue to choose the path of least resistance that pads the bottom-line but continues to destroy the long-term health of our industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated a far more knowledgeable consumer of all ages in the use of Social Media. With this new Social Media Intelligence, there are already rumblings of “Class Action Suits” posted on Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Instagram. Most clubs feel protected by their corporate veils created in non-USA countries. However, we all know that USA lawyers love to sue, which a California firm successfully confirmed by breaking the corporate veil of a non-USA Club for close to a half a billion dollars.

Every hotel and every club have the opportunity of a new Grand Opening. They are preparing new measures and strategies to protect the health and welfare of their guests. It is also the appropriate time to do the same for the guest’s commercial well-being when promoting and selling the Hotel’s Club.

I challenge anyone that says establishing such an ethical standard is not possible. One thing I have learned in my 40 years experience in the industry is that Naysayers lack the creative ability to adjust to such change and are more worried about their financial interests and not the welfare of the consumer and Developer. Their short term mentality doesn’t understand that if you ABUSE IT – YOU LOSE IT!

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