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Every four years, US Politics puts the World through a tremor of anxiety. The 2020 choosing of a President created a media blitz of negativity that was enough to demoralize the great Norman Vincent Peale and require an additional chapter to the Power of Positive Thinking; “Overcoming COVID-19 & the Negative Impact of Social Media?”

No matter which political party you chose, their counterpart proclaimed it would be the end of the World if the other wins. No matter which news station you listened to, the newspaper you read, or the Social Media site perused, the Doom and Gloom were the same.

Now that the election process is almost over and before you concede to these political warnings let’s put the Travel Industry’s future in perspective for 2021.

Out with the Old and in with the New

2020 was a trying year for everyone in the Travel Industry, and US Politics didn’t help heal the deep wounds we all felt. Many historical travel leaders, small and large, were forced to downsize their operations and even closed their doors. But for a few of the doors that closed, new ideas, new models for success, and new money have already opened new glass doors to fill their void. Glass doors that allow them to see past errors but move forward with improvement into the next generation of Travel.

A thriving Travel Industry provided all of us successful war stories to share over and over again with anyone willing to listen. But only those thinking outside the box took the time to analyze and resolve the muffled out errors we ignored during the same thriving industry. Such mistakes will not be tolerated in a Travel Industry that is far more competitive and where survival depends on your ability to maintain a “Positive” Social Media presence. Those hoping to open up “Business as Usual” better make sure they, too, use a Glass Door that allows them to learn from past mistakes.

The New World of Social Media

I speak specifically to hotels reopening their doors with their Vacation Club in tow. If you hope to initiate using the same antiquated high-pressure sales strategies, abusive marketing methods, and illegitimate product add-ons, rethink your approach. The World is now coming out of a 10-month Berlitz Course in Social Media. Like Gen-Xers and Millennials, Baby Boomers now use their Smart Phones and Tablets as their primary source of information on “Everything.” Social Media is now a one-stop source for Travel choices and discovering the Pros & Cons of every Club Memberships sold. Declaring you are a Loyalty Club, but continuing to use the same antiquated and dubious strategies of a Timeshare is only a simple Google Search for the consumer to discover the truth.

I am an enthusiastic believer that a well-founded “pay-for” Loyalty Club is a logical addition to any business hotel or leisure resort. This belief includes Hotels in the USA, Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean. If done correctly, it can double the company’s bottom line. However, the Hotel’s Corporate Social Media Culture must determine the Club’s Product and dictate the methods and strategies used for sales and marketing.

So, forget all the drama and negativity of our Politicians. With a little “Caution to the Wind” and a “soon-to-come” COVID-19 vaccine, enjoy your New Year Celebration. Bring in 2021, by removing the mistakes of Old and bring in the New ideas that will make up the Rebirth of the Travel Industry. Most important, avoid a Slow Death by Social Media by implementing a company-wide culture that assures a positive presence with every Google Search.

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